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ICBEM & RGC 2018 in Aachen

From 23rd to 25th of May, 2018 the "11th International Conference on Bioelectromagnetism" (ICBEM) and the "13th Russian-German Conference on Biomedical Engineering" (RGC) took place at the SuperC in Aachen. Both conferences were organized and held by MedIT. Besides, 100 visitors from all over the world participated in the success of the conference. In the approximately 80 scientific contributions, current research topics in the broad field of biomedical technology were discussed both through presentations and at the poster stands. The diversity and importance of bioelectromagnetism for biomedical engineering was particularly emphasized in the three keynote talks by Petri Ala-Laurila, Olaf Dössel and Ferdinand Binkofski. Further information and the conference proceedings can be found on the conference homepage: