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MedIT visits POSTER 2024 in Prague

This year too, a MedIT team, together with some WMAs and students from the IHTA and ISEA, visited the POSTER conference in Prague. From May 22nd until May 26th, accompanied by Professor Vladimir Blazek and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christoph Hoog Antink (Technical University of Darmstadt), in addition to the scientific exchange with the Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU), the conference also included a very rich cultural program, including exclusive visits to the German Embassy in Prague, Prague Castle and Cathedral , the Senate grounds and the Bethlehem Chapel. During this edition of the conference, three of the MedIT contributions received special awards:

Session Biomedical Engineering:

• 1st place: Daniel Blase, Pu Xie: “Budy Surface Region Detection in Wound Images using Deep Learning”

• 3rd place: Jannik Prüßmann: “Simulation of Physiological Motion Artifacts in Capacitive Electrocardiography”

History of Science and Technology:

• 3rd place: Nico Blass, Florian Voss: “Fostering Success: The History of Incubators”


MedIT congratulates on this great success and would like to thank the extraordinary commitment of Professor Blazek, who led the excursion with a lot of passion and enormous perseverance.