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2016 Estimation of End-Diastolic Pressure via Deconvolution C. Hoog Antink, D. Rüschen, S. Leonhardt, M. Walter Computing in Cardiology 2016, Vancouver, Canada
2016 A Novel 12-Lead ECG T-Shirt with Active Electrodes A. Boehm, X. Yu, W. Neu, S. Leonhardt and D. Teichmann Electronics 2016, 5(4), 75; doi:10.3390/electronics5040075 (registering DOI)
2016 System Description and First Application of an FPGA-Based Simultaneous Multi-Frequency Electrical Impedance Tomography S. Aguiar Santos, A. Robens, A. Boehm, S. Leonhardt, D. Teichmann Sensors (Basel). 2016 Jul 25;16(8). pii: E1158. doi: 10.3390/s16081158
2016 Supervisory Mechanism for Oscillatory Suppression in Automatic Ventilation Therapy based on the ARDSNetProtocol A. Pomprapa, M. Walter, W. Braun, P. Pickerodt, M. Hofferberth, B. Lachmann, S. Leonhardt Automatisierungstechnische Verfahren für die Medizin (AUTOMED 2016), Wismar, 22. - 23.Sep.; 2016;
2016 Minimal arterial blood gas analysis based on the average carbon dioxide elimination during automatic ventilation therapy using the ARDSNet protocol A. Pomprapa, P.A. Pickerodt, M.B.T. Hofferberth, M. Russ, W. Braun, M. Walter, R. Francis, B. Lachmann, S. Leonhardt European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (LIVES 2016 - ESICM), Milan, Italy, 1. - 5.Oct.; 2016
2016 Thermoregulation in premature infants: A mathematical model C. B. Pereira, K. Heimann, M. Czaplik, V. Blazek, B. Venema, and S. Leonhardt Journal of Thermal Biology, 62(Part B):159–169
2016 Remote Vital Parameter Monitoring in Neonatology – Robust, Unobtrusive Heart Rate Detection in a Realistic Clinical Scenario N. Blanik, K. Heimann, C. B. Pereira , M. Paul, V. Blazek, B. Venema, T. Orlikowsky, and S. Leonhardt Biomedical Engineering/Biomedizinische Technik, 61(6):631–643
2016 Estimation of breathing rate in thermal imaging videos: A pilot study on healthy human subjects C. B. Pereira , X. Yu, M. Czaplik, V. Blazek, B. Venema, and S. Leonhardt Journal of Clinical Monitoring and Computing
2016 Robust Remote Measurement of Respiratory Rate Using Infrared Thermography X. Yu and C. B. Pereira 20th International Student Conference on Electrical Engineering (POSTER 2016). Prague, Czech Republic, May 24, 2016
2016 Thermoregulation in term and premature infants: the passive system C. B. Pereira, V. Blazek, B. Venema, and S. Leonhardt 12th Russian-German Conference on Biomedical Engineering (RGC 2016), 164–168. Suzdal, Vladimir, Russia, Jul. 4–7, 2016
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