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2019 Testbench to model cardiac volume changes Leonie Korn, Max Rumpf Proceedings of the International Student Scientific Conference POSTER 2019
2019 Heart phantom with electrical properties of heart muscle tissue Korn, L., Lyra, S., Rüschen, D., Pugovkin, A., Telyshev, D., Leonhardt, S., & Walter, M. Current Directions in Biomedical Engineering, 4(1), 97-100
2019 Advances in Hemodynamic Analysis in Cardiovascular Diseases Investigation of Energetic Characteristics of Adult and Pediatric Sputnik Left Ventricular Assist Devices during Mock Circulation Support Alexander A. Pugovkin, Aleksandr G. Markov, Sergey V. Selishchev, Leonie Korn, Marian Walter, Steffen Leonhardt, Leo A. Bockeria, Olga L. Bockeria, and Dmitry V. Telyshev Cardiology Research and Practice, 2019
2019 Early Prediction of Sepsis using Random Forest Classification for Imbalanced Clinical Data Simon Lyra, Steffen Leonhardt, Christoph Hoog Antink Computing in Cardiology 2019 Challenge
2019 Organic LED panels for pulse rate measurement using photoplethysmography imaging Simon Lyra, Michael Paul POSTER Prag 2019
2019 Zero-torque control of an exoskeleton joint actuator using a disturbance observer L. Bergmann, L. Liu, C. Ngo, B. Misgeld, and S. Leonhardt AIP Conference Proceedings. Vol. 2140. No. 1
2019 A Novel Control Method for Rotary Blood Pumps as Left Ventricular Assist Device Utilizing Aortic Valve State Detection Dmitry Petukhov, Leonie Korn, Marian Walter, and Dmitry Telyshev BioMed Research International, Vol. 2019, Article ID 1732160, 12 pages
2019 Knee-to-knee bioimpedance measurements to monitor changes in extracellular fluid in haemodynamic-unstable patients during dialysis Ismail, A. H., Schlieper, G., Walter, M., Floege, J. , Leonhardt, S Journal of Electrical Bioimpedance 10(1), 55-62, 2019
2019 Monitoring transcellular fluid shifts during episodes of intradialytic hypotension using bioimpedance spectroscopy Abdul Hamid Ismail, Theresa Gross, Georg Schlieper, Marian Walter, Frank Eitner, Jürgen Floege, Steffen Leonhardt Clinical Kidney Journal, sfz123
2019 Comparison of two experimental ARDS models in pigs using electrical impedance tomography N. Hochhausen, J. Orschulik, A. Follmann, S. Aguiar Santos, H. Dohmeier, S. Leonhardt, R. Rossaint, and M. Czaplik PLOS ONE, 14(1):e0225218, 2019
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