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2014 Robust control of nonlinear compliant actuators using positive real H2 controller synthesis B. Misgeld, A. Pomprapa, S. Leonhardt American Control Conference 2014, Portland, June 4th - 6th
2014 High Specificity IEGM Beat Detection by Combining Morphological and Temporal Classification for a Cardiac Neuromodulation System A. Pohl, C. H. Lubba, M. Thore, N. Hatam, and S. Leonhardt 41st Annual Conference of Computing in Cardiology (CinC); 41
2014 Multimodal Sensor Fusion of Cardiac Signals via Blind Deconvolution: A Source-Filter Approach C. Hoog Antink, C. Brüser, and S. Leonhardt 41st Annual Conference of Computing in Cardiology (CinC); 41
2014 Computerized ventilation therapy with automatizing Noradrenaline dose using state-of-the-art Open Lung Management® A. Pomprapa, D. Muanghong, M. Köny, S. Leonhardt, P. Pickerodt, O. Tjarks, D. Schwaiberger, B. Lachmann 2nd Russian German Conference on biomedical engineering, Saint Petersburg, Jun 25th-27th
2014 Real Time Assessment of the Left Ventricular Pumping Cycle Using an Optical Pressure Gauge During Impella Heart Support S. Schwandtner, D. Rüschen, C. Nix, F. Al-Rashid, J. Geens, S. Leonhardt 22nd Annual Congress of the International Society for Rotary Blood Pumps (ISRBP), San Francisco, USA, 25. – 27. September
2014 Deconvolution-based physiological signal simplification for periodical parameter estimation S. Liebich, C. Brüser 18th International Student Conference on Electrical Engineering (POSTER 2014). Prague, Czech Republic, May 15
2014 A Novel Algorithm for the Calibration of Inertial/Magnetic Sensors: Application to a Body Sensor Network D. Rüschen, B.J.E. Misgeld, S. Kim, S. Leonhardt Acta Mechanica Slovaca; vol. 18, no. 2, p. 42-49
2014 Impedance-Cystovolumetry from Multifrequency Electrical Impedance Tomography J. Orschulik, T. Schlebusch, and S. Leonhardt 15th International Conference on Biomedical Applications of Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT2014), Gananoque, April 24th - 26th
2014 Using Photoplethysmography Imaging for Objective Contactless Pain Assessment Marcus Koeny, Nikolai Blanik, Xinchi Yu, Michael Czaplik, Marian Walter, Rolf Rossaint, Vladimir Blazek, Steffen Leonhardt Acta Polytechnica, Vol 54, No 4 (2014)
2013 The Smart Operating Room – smartOR M. Köny, J. Benzko, M. Czaplik, B. Marschollek, M. Walter, R. Rossaint, K. Radermacher, S. Leonhardt Q. A. Memon, Distributed Networks: Intelligence, Security, and Applications, CRC Press, August
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