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2012 Influence of a Sliding Contact on Impedance Monitoring in a Smart Surgical Milling Tool C. Brendle, S. Leonhardt, A. Niesche, A. Korff, and K. Radermacher International Workshop on Impedance Spectroscopy (IWIS), 26.-28.09., Chemnitz
2012 Getting Anesthesia Online: The smartOR Network M. Köny, J. Benzko, M. Czaplik, M. Walter, R. Rossaint, K. Radermacher, and S. Leonhardt International Journal On Advances in Internet Technology; vol. 5, no. 3&4, pp. 114-125
2012 Electrical Impedance Tomography – the Holy Grail for Ventilation and Perfusion Monitoring? S. Leonhardt, B. Lachmann Intensive Care Med. 2012 Dec; pp. 1917-1945
2012 System and method for measuring a physiological rhythm of a subject C. Brüser, A. Kerekes, T. Wartzek, S. Leonhardt Int. Patent Application, WO 2013132378 A1, March 6
2012 A method of processing a signal representing a physiological rhythm C. Brüser, S. Leonhardt Int. Patent Application, WO 2013128364 A1, March 1
2012 Neonatal infrared thermography imaging: Analysis of heat flux during different clinical scenarios A.K. Abbas, K. Heimann, V. Blazek, T. Orlikowsky, S. Leonhardt Infrared Phys. Technol. (2012), Nov.; Vol. 55, Issue 6, pp. 538–548
2012 Closed Loop Physiological ECMO Control M. Walter, C. Brendle, R. Bensberg, R. Kopp, J. Arens, A. Stollenwerk, and S. Leonhardt IFMBE Proceedings, R. Magjarevic and Á. Jobbágy, Eds, Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer Berlin Heidelberg, pp. 319–322
2012 The "music" within thoracic cavity using Wavelet filtering A. Pomprapa, D. Schwaiberger, B. Lachmann and S. Leonhardt IEEE-EMBS International Conference on Biomedical and Health Informatics, Hong Kong-Shenzhen, Jan 5th - 7th
2012 A Multisensor Implant for Continuous Monitoring of Intracranial Pressure Dynamics S. Jetzki, M. Weinzierl, I. Krause, S. Hahne, H. Rehbaum, M. Kiausch, I. Kozubek, C. Hellenbroich, M. Oertel, M. Walter, S. Leonhardt IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Circuits and Systems
2012 Advances in Reflective Oxygen Saturation Monitoring With a Novel In-Ear Sensor System: Results of a Human Hypoxia Study B. Venema, N. Blanik, V. Blazek, H. Gehring, A. Opp, and S. Leonhardt IEEE Trans. on Biomedical Engineering, July; vol. 59, no. 7, pp. 2003 - 2010
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