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2012 Patient oriented closed loop control of extracorporeal lung assist M. Walter, Ch. Brendle, A. Stollenwerk, R. Kopp, J. Arens, R. Bensberg, and S. Leonhardt 11th International Conference on Complexity in Acute Illness (ICCAI), Ottawa, Canada, September 6-9
2012 Enhanced pulmonary function test by electrical impedance tomography R. Pikkemaat, K. Tenbrock, S. Lehmann, and S. Leonhardt 100 years of electrical imaging, Conference/Workshop an der Mines ParisTech, Paris, Frankreich, 9.-10. Juli; 978-2911256-87-5
2012 Robust Multivariable Blood-Gas Control for Extracorporeal Circulation with Heart-Lung Machine Support B. J. E. Misgeld, S. Leonhardt, M. Hexamer 10. Workshop Automatisierungstechnische Verfahren für die Medizin, 29.-30. März, Aachen
2012 Objective measurement and monitoring of pain, Advances in Medicine and Biology, Volume 61 M. Czaplik, R. Rossaint Nova Science Publishers, Inc, NY, USA, 2012.; 978-1-62417-319-6
2011 Analysis of Body Segments using Bioimpedance Spectroscopy and Finite Element Method M. Ulbrich, L. Röthlingshöfer, M. Walter, S. Leonhardt Lecture Notes on Impedance Spectroscopy: Measurement, Modeling and Applications, ISBN-13: 978-0415684057; Volume 1
2011 Development of an Innovative Mock Circulatory Loop for VAD Testing S. Heinke, S. Schwandtner, T. Siess, M. Walter, S. Leonhardt XXXVIII Annual ESAO & IV Biennial IFAO, Porto, Portugal, 9.-12. October
2011 Physiological Target Control in Long-Term extracorporeal Oxygenation M. Walter, C. Brendle, J. Arens, A. Stollenwerk, R. Kopp, R. Bensberg, S. Leonhardt XXXVIII Annual ESAO & IV Biennial IFAO Congress, Porto, Portugal, 9.-12. October
2011 In-Vivo Evaluation of a hybrid Mock Circulation Loop including a Baroreflex Model E. Cuenca, T. Finocchiaro, A. Fritschi, S.-H. Jansen, C. Egger, S. Heinke, O. Holmannspötter, J. Spillner, R. Autschbach, S. Leonhardt, T. Schmitz-Rode, U. Steinseifer XXXVIII Annual ESAO & IV Biennial IFAO Congress, Porto, Portugal, 9.-12. October
2011 Safety Aware Pump-Control for a Rotary ECMO Blood Pump A. Stollenwerk, F. Gathmann, J. Arens, R. Bensberg, M. Walter, R. Kopp and S. Kowalewski XXXVIII Annual ESAO & IV Biennial IFAO Congress, Porto, Portugal, 9.-12. October
2011 Non-contacting Monitoring of Respiration and Pulse Based on Capacitive Coupling with Thoracic Tissue D. Teichmann, J. Foussier, J. Jia and S. Leonhardt World Congress on Engineering (WCE), 2011 IAENG, London, UK, 6th - 8th July
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