EIT ColormapVisualizer

Electrical impedance tomography (EIT) is an exciting and emerging medical imaging technology. However, the lack of standardization, namely in colormaps for the different modalities of lung monitoring, is a critical challenge that has sparked ongoing discussions within the community.

To address this, a dedicated EIT colormap work group was formed following the EIT Conference 2023 in Aachen, Germany. This group has convened online multiple times, gradually narrowing down the options for effective colormaps through discussions and surveys.

Still our current methods might at times be too restrictive for the creativity required in this process. To solve this, we developed "ColormapVisualizer," a simple yet powerful graphical user interface (GUI). This tool allows users to generate custom colormaps effortlessly, helping advance the community consensus on standardizing EIT colormaps.

Key Features of ColormapVisualizer:
- Dynamic and Functional Visualizations: Tailored for ventilation-related, saline bolus, and cardiac/pulsatile imaging.
- Adaptive Colormaps: Automatically adjusts to the data's scale.
- Accessibility Options: Simulate grayscale imaging and colorblind vision.
- Decision Support: Provides information on human perceivable contrast between selected colors.
- Export & Import: Easily export multiple colormap selections for each modality and import custom EIT data for visualization in .csv format.
- Comprehensive Guide: Includes a user-friendly guide to help you get started.

We invite you to contribute to this standardization effort by sharing your colormap selections. Please export your selections and send them to silva@hia.rwth-aachen.de. Your invaluable input will be registered.

You can download the file at the following link:

The download is possible up until 19/07/2024.

For more information, assistance, or if you wish to join our mailing list, contact Diogo Silva at silva@hia.rwth-aachen.de.