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Information for Incomings

Information for Foreign Students/Researchers and Guest Scientists (Spontaneous Applications)


Dear prospective student or colleague,

we feel honoured about your interest in our work. We welcome international exchange and encourage foreign students and scholars to spend some time with us. Below you can find some information about the respective requirements for study/research at MedIT and the RWTH Aachen University.

Typically, Master students enroll at RWTH Aachen University upon meeting the admission requirements. Matriculating students are registered by the University, are subject to tuition fees and have full access to all facilities. On the master level, there are many German Diploma and Master Courses available to the successful applicant. Also, there are several Master programs taught in English.


English-Instructed Master of Science Programs (several specialities, foreign Bachelor's degree required)

For a full list of the M.S. programmes offered at the RWTH and the requirements for addmission, click here.


Financial Considerations for matriculating Students

At MedIT, we sometimes offer specific paid student jobs for Master students (HiWi positions). Please see Jobs for open positions and more information.

For exceptional students, there sometimes is additional funding as well as the option for supervised research. Please contact Prof. Leonhardt.

Project-Oriented Doctorate Programme (no formal curriculum, Master's degree required)

The RWTH Aachen University does not offer formal PhD programs, but rather doctorate degrees based on individual resarch projects. Such research projects usually do not include taking lectures. Doctoral projects are possible in any subject area represented by a RWTH Aachen University professor. Upon finishing the project, candidates publish their results in a thesis (Dissertation, Doktorarbeit) to be submitted to the faculty. The duration of the entire process can take from three to five years.

In order to be admitted as a Doctorate student to the Faculty of Electical Engineering and Information Technology, the following steps are required:

You must find a professor who is willing to guide and oversee a research project of common interest for the entire duration of your studies. A candidate may only apply for doctoral studies at RWTH Aachen University upon finding a supervising professor (Doktorvater).

In order for Prof. Leonhardt to consider being your Doktorvater, you MUST submit ALL the following information to MedIT:

    • a Curriculum Vitae
    • a copy of all previous degree academic certificates and/or transcripts, including credits and grades achieved in each single subject
    • a certified translation of your degree certificates and/or transcripts in either German or English, in case the original documents are not written in one of these languages
    • a copy of your official GRE scores
    • if applicable, any previous research publications (Thesis, conference or journal articles, etc.)
    • if you are not a native speaker, copies of your English language test scores (oral and written – TOEFL-IBT (24/22/25/24) or IELTS 6.5 equivalent to C1 language proficiency level required) or German language test scores (DSH - passed, or TestDaF - level 4 in all test areas). These documents may be faxed or photocopied.
    • Applicants who have completed their previous education in China must also include the Certificate of Authenticity ("Echtheitsbestätigung") issued by the Academic Acknowledgement Bureau in Beijing (Akademische Prüfstelle in Peking).

      A reference from a research advisor or professor at your previous university is also recommended. This can be sent after the other required documents.

      If you have any questions, please contact Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. med. Steffen Leonhardt.
  • As a rule, international graduates must have a Master's degree or equivalent to be admitted to RWTH doctoral studies. The Master's degree must be formally recognized in Germany. In addition, a specific recognition is performed by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. If the degree is considered not to be fully equivalent, incoming foreign students may be asked to take certain lectures and exams related to their field of research in order be admitted to the doctoral program.

    For more information about applying to the International Office for doctoral degrees, click here 
  • Once your Master's degree has been recognized by the RWTH, you application will be evaluated by several faculty members within our department. You may be required to appear in person. If successful, you will acquire your "Zuerkennung der Promotionsvoraussetzungen" from the faculty and officially be able to begin your doctorate research.

    For more information, please visit the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology homepage or contact the Faculty Secretariat Frau Böttcher (

There is no official application deadline. You may apply at any time.

Please be aware that the total application process, from finding a research project of common interest with a supervising professor to receiving your "Zuerkennung der Promotionsvoraussetzungen", may take several months to a year. So please apply well before your intended start date.


Financial Considerations for matriculating Ph.D. Students

  1. At the Ph.D. level, MedIT usually offers paid positions as scientific employees ("wiss. Mitarbeiter"). Typically, these positions require interaction and reporting duties with German industries and/or German research organisations and thus require fluency in oral and written GERMAN and ENGLISH. Please refer to Jobs to find out about the specific requirements of each individual offer.
  2. The second option for financing a Ph.D. at MedIT is a stipend, either from the German Exchange Service (DAAD) or from an organization in your home country. Regarding language requirements, you must have very solid English skills (oral and written - TOEFL 550/213 or IELTS 6.0 required) or have successfully completed a German language test (DSH, TestDaF - level 4, or equivalent language level).

In any case, we advise you to study the German language as much as possible prior to going abroad. It is a general rule at MedIT and thus a requirement for a Ph.D. student under supervision of Prof. Leonhardt that you learn German within the first 12 (in extreme cases up to 18) months. We expect all applicants to either have a DSH or TestDaF (level 4 in all test areas) upon arrival or obtain it within the specified period.

General Information

General information about entrance and study/work requirements for Germany is available at The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). It is strongly recommended that you become familiar with the information available on this website.

The International Office (Akademisches Auslandsamt) at the RWTH University also has valuable information concerning admission requirements, and can provide you with help during the admission process and your stay in Germany.

For additional information you can also visit the website of our faculty. There you can find general information about offered degree programms, current courses and dates.