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Friends of the Chair

Since its establishment in 2003, the Medical Information Technology (MedIT) has been working on scientific questions in the area between electrical engineering and medicine. From the beginning, the strategic focus has been on the preferred, contact-free measurement technology, the development of portable medical devices (Personal Health Care) and the research and development of feedback therapy systems (automation technology, assistance function).

In order to support the scientific activities of the Medical Information Technology and to embed them in a broad social context, the non-profit association "Freunde und Förderer der Medizinischen Informationstechnik e.V." - Friends of the Chair was founded in 2009.

The association is a union of active and former employees, graduates and students of the chair as well as private persons and interested companies who feel connected to the chair and the goals of the association.

The statutory objectives are the promotion of science and research in the field of medical information technology and especially the realization of scientific events and research projects at the chair. Furthermore, the association aims to facilitate the maintenance of contacts between the members among themselves and the chair. Thus, the direct and personal exchange of experiences between research and practice, the support of scientific activities within the chair and towards the sponsors can be guaranteed and intensified.

The ongoing cooperation is to be achieved by the following activities, among others:

  • The promotion and granting of subsidies for research and development projects within the scope of the tasks of the Medical Information Technology;

  • The promotion and realization of colloquia, symposia and exhibitions that the Chair organizes or participates in within the scope of its tasks, such as the workshop Automed 2012;

  • The promotion of scientific work by awarding research contracts;

  • Information events for pupils and students;

  • The granting of subsidies for the printing of scientific papers, bibliographies, work instructions and brochures;

  • Granting of scholarships and personnel grants to particularly gifted and needy students and doctoral candidates;

  • Support for the organization of field trips and the students participating in them;

  • The promotion of trips to specialist lectures, specialist exhibitions, trade fairs and to visit objects that fall within the scope of the chair's tasks and interests.

Would you or your company like to become a member of the association?

If you would like to support our activities, we would be glad if you became a member of the association. Get in touch with us and write us an email if you have any questions.

The yearly membership contribution for a company amounts 500 €. For private persons it is 10 € per year. Also donations are welcome. The association is a registered association, so that all contributions and/or donations are valid for tax deduction claim.

The declaration of accession can be downloaded on the right.

The Articles of Association may be downloaded here: Articles of Association MedIT

If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email: