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Seminars and Projects

All information to the courses of MedIT are available in RWTHonline.


Seminar: Institute Project 4th Semester and Internet-of-Things (B.Sc., Spring semester)

The fourth-semester project offers both hardware and software topics related to medical technology and the Internet of Things. The work is carried out in groups of two. The content is new every semester and there are different topics to choose from. The assignment will take place on a separate date following the central assignment procedure. There we present possible topics and determine the grouping. Of course, you can also come with your own ideas and suggestions, which we will take into account if possible.

Hardware oriented topics could imply development of an elctronic circuit. Circuit design with a layout program, manufacturing and testing of the developed board is part of the work. Prior knowledge is not necessary but helpful.

Software oriented topics imply allgorithmically determination of the given problem with a programming language. Often Matlab or C++/C# are used. Applied on a real problem, data of measurements are acquired and processed. A GUI for illustration and analysis by methods of signal processing are useful, dependent on the given task.

Seminar: Medical Engineering (B.Sc., Spring semester/Fall semester)

Seminar in the course of the bachelor's programme.
Seminar topics are handed out at the introduction session at the Helmholtz Institute. Also afterwards there are possibilities to get a seminar topic. For this purpose please contact Marian Walter.

Seminar: Biomedical Engineering and Related Fields (M.Sc., Fall semester/Spring semester)

  • Each semester we design new topics from the field of our research and the interests of our scientists
  • We have three types of topics
    • Literature
    • Software
    • Hardware
  • You choose a topic you find interesting (single or team of two)
  • Individual assignment of a supervisor (Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter)
  • Free choice in work assignment - you work whenever you want. No regular plenary assignments
  • Introductory event with registration and topic assignment in the first week of the semester. Participation required
  • Joint seminar event with presentations in the last week of the semester

Seminar: Internship (M.Sc., Fall semester/Spring semester)

The presentations on the internship will take place as part of our doctoral seminar. Please speak to the supervisor of your thesis with respect to dates.

Project: Biomedical Engineering and Related Areas (M.Sc., Fall semester/Spring semester)

We build technology for life!
With this motto concrete small-scaled projects for medical measuring and therapy functions should be realized. Undergo different parts of development from the idea over strategy, design, realiszation and verification. Specific requirements of the design of a medical device are acquired with guidance.
For this project you should be interested in "real" hardware. Prior knowledge is not necessary.

Project: Mechatronics (M.Sc., Fall semester/Spring semester)

In groups of two you have the possibility to improve your mechatronic skills and bring forward own ideas. For example self-balancing electric vehicles are available to optimize mechanics, control and sensor technology. Task allocation takes place upon consultation. They are adjustable to the participants interests.