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Automated and continuous wound monitoring

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Project Description

In clinical practice, the status of wound healing is defined by visual inspection. This form of diagnosis requires the exposure of the wound and is based on individual assessments of medical professionals. Therefore, this research project focuses on the development of an automated, quantifiable and continuous wound status monitoring which could avoid unnecessary exposure of the wound, improve the healing process and relieve staff and patients.

Project Goals

A novel sensor concept will be developed to achieve continuous monitoring. In collaboration with clinical partners, characteristic values ​​for the identification of different wound status are determined and existing sensors are selected and fused to measure them. The sensors will be placed onto the local wound and integrated into the bandage. The obtained measurement information will be processed with newly designed algorithms to diagnose the healing process without exposing the wound.

The wound monitoring is further optimized by means of automated optical analysis, which takes place when bandage replacement is performed. The usage of camera based image acquisition allows the examination of spatially and time resolved wound perfusion.

Project Partner(s)