"Compliant Control of Variable Stiffness Actuator Considering Lower-Limb Robot Applications" (in English)

Author: Lin Liu

Defense of PhD Thesis: 10th December 2019

Link: https://publications.rwth-aachen.de/record/780722/files/780722.pdf

"Robust Physiological Control of Left Ventricular Assist Devices" (in English)

Author: Daniel RĂ¼schen

Defense of PhD Thesis: 18th July, 2019

Link: http://www.shaker.de/shop/978-3-8440-6910-5

"Model-based analysis of respiratory mechanics for diagnosis of cardiopulmonary diseases" (in English)

Author: Chuong Ngo

Defense of PhD Thesis: 18th January, 2019

Link: https://publications.rwth-aachen.de/record/756521